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As well as baby naming ceremonies, I offer family blending ceremonies and welcoming ceremonies for adoptions as well as naming/self-commitment ceremonies for anyone transitioning to a new identity.

I assist women to celebrate their transitions through their life stages of maiden, mother and crone with menarche/first blood ceremonies, blessingways and sagesse/croning ceremonies.

I help couples make relationship commitments in wedding or civil partnership celebrations as well as handfasting, elopements and vow renewals.

I support the bereaved in their final farewells with funeral services including traditional funerals – cremation or burial – modern, natural burials and woodland burials, scattering of ashes ceremonies and memorial/celebration of life ceremonies. I promote the positive death movement, and can help with living funerals, deathbed weddings and passing over ceremonies.

In addition, I offer sologamy and reclamation of self ceremonies to individuals as well as tie-breaking/conscious uncoupling ceremonies to support healthy communications and shared parenting commitments for couples who choose to separate.

I can also provide many other ceremonies such as coming out ceremonies, house blessings or pet funerals.